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Sartoria Studio garments are made in Italy in their entirety. 

Our sartorial pieces bring to life and exemplify meticulous skills and a tailoring aptitude that one rarely experiences. The exacting art of Italian handicraft delivers a powerful and tangible value to every single product. 


“Each Sartoria Studio piece is a result of meticulous skills and a tailoring excellence that is the hallmark of  handcrafted Italian menswear.”

When you select a garment Made in Italy by Sartoria Studio you choose:  


- PREMIUM FABRICS made with the best raw materials by the most prestigious wool and cotton mills in Italy;


- HANDCRAFTED GARMENTS realized with the utmost attention to detail thanks to our collaboration with highly experienced and efficient garment makers and artisans.


- AN UNMISTAKABLE STYLE The result of the perfect balance between elegance, style and creativity that is the hallmark of  the Sartoria Studio point of view.

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